Hi. I am a comedian, writer
and actor living in Brooklyn.


Comedy Album

I am releasing a stand-up comedy album called King Piglet on June 10th. You can buy it on CD or on iTunes.

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Big Terrific

I host a free live comedy show called Big Terrific every Wednesday night at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. We've been doing it for over six years.

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"The Feed"

Somebody let me co-host a TV show. It is called The Feed and it is "an irreverent and adventurous take on the world of food through three very different perspectives." It premieres this summer.

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"Max Silvestri Gets Trapped in an Elevator"

"Max Silvestri Gets Trapped in an Elevator"

I remain the only comedian to use the Internet for distributing humorous short films. I've also made a lot of "Gabe & Max" videos with my dear friend Gabe Delahaye.

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GQ, January 2014

I have written many thousands of "funny" words on the Internet and in magazines about stuff like Top Chef, Guy Fieri, bad movies, and hangovers.

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Are you interested in looking at photographs and/or articles about me? Weird.

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